This wiki has a set of policies which are to be followed by ALL users at all times!


1. The founder is President of the wiki and can be removed if, and only if, absolutely necessary.

2. Any additional staff member maybe removed by community consensus and/or Admin discussions.

3. Wiki staff are expected to help the President and Vice President in all aspects of running the wiki.

4. The head bureaucrat will take over if the President and Vice President take a simultaneous leave.

5. Wiki staff will meet monthly to discuss state of the wiki, its needs, etc.

6. Profanity will not be tolerated.

7. Users who consistently break rules will earn longer and harsher punishments.

8. This document is subject to change without notice.

9. No intentional vandalism or blanking of articles.

10. All users are expected to contribute to and maintain an optimum and joyful wiki atmopshere.

11. Any user who deviates from the wiki policies is encouraged to be reported to the President and/or Vice President.

12. Do NOT sockpuppet to evade a ban and/or play a "prank". Users who choose to engage in this activity will be blocked on both their sockpuppet and main accounts at the discretion of a wiki staff member.

13. Bullying will not be tolerated.

14. If the wiki President is on a leave, the Vice President will assume control of the wiki until his return.

15. The Acting President must assist the wiki in any way possible, and is expected to be available at all times. 

16. All pages are to be relevant and appropriate to the wiki. Irrelevant/spam pages will be promptly deleted.

17. Always be welcoming and friendly to new users. Show them around the wiki, how to get started editing, etc.

18. Wiki staff members may discuss rule changes as necessary on the forums.

19. If you are a user who desires rights, you may request any given position through the requests page. Please ask any wiki staff member for more information.

20. Staff members are to maintain weekly activity and are expected to lead the community. Users who are deemed unfit for a position will be demoted.

21. Any time a vacancy in the Administration arises and a new user is deemed fit for the position, a community vote is to be held and all current wiki staff members must be present.

22. Wiki staff are NOT to abuse their power. They are users entrusted with a few extra buttons to use for the good of the community. Abuse of rights will result in an immediate demotion (otherwise known as a loss of rights).

23. Users may not request rights if a staff member has deemed the user unfit for rights.

24. Vandlism will not be tolerated.

25. According to Wikia's Terms of Use, users are to be at least thirteen years of age or older. Any user who does not meet this minimum requirement will be blocked with a time set to expire the day they turn thirteen.

26. Just like Rule 1, the Vice President can be removed only if absolutely necessary. Ex: Power Abuse, inactivity, immaturity, etc.

27. Shall the Vice President resign, the president is up to choose who will be the next vice president of the wiki.

28. Have fun on the wiki! We hope you like it here!

Discord Rules

  1. No swearing is allowed on our discord sever. None
  2. Do not argue with admins on the discord sever. 
  3. Do not ask for rights on our discord sever.
  4. Do NOT complain about your role, or you will be put into a lower role.
  5. If you are given a role, remain active, or face demotion.
  6. Do not abuse power
  7. Do not mini mod.
  8. Do not spam in the main chat room. Only spam in the spam channel. Failure will result in punishment
  9. No insulting other users with nicknames. Only if it is meant to be taken as a joke.
  10. Do not make new roles, or change names of roles without the presidents permission

Failure to follow these rules will result in a punishment



It's simple; bullying will not be tolerated under any circumstance. Users who intentionally harm, harass, or otherwise insinuate conflict with another user will be punished. If you found yourself to be a victim of bullying, please report it to the wiki staff.


Again, there is a zero tolerance policy for profanity. Do not use profane, vulgar, or otherwise inappropriate language at any time.


The mission of Tropical Cyclones Wikia is to let every user discuss their love for hurricanes. Please let any staff member know how entertaining and enjoyable the wiki is.


Vandalism is defined as intentionally removing/replacing irrelevant or otherwise inappropriate content on any given article, and/or editing any article without permission from the original author. Vandalism is strictly forbidden! However, any user is permitted to edit an article if they are correcting information, spelling, grammar, etc.

An example of Vandalism is:

Someone writes an article on Hurricane Alex, and you later blank the page and replace its content with "THIS IS A HOAX."

An example of helping is:

Someone adds the dates to that Hurricane Alex article, adds pictures of the storm, writes about its history, adds a beneficial section, or anything else helpful and relevant to that article.

Users are encouraged to report any and all vandalism to a staff member immediately. If do not want other users editing an article you authored, write a short notice at the top of the article.


Spamming is permitted in the chatroom but otherwise forbidden anywhere else on the wiki.

You must follow the following rules regarding spamming.

  1. If a group of users request a spamfest, a type of excessive spam in which multiple users participate for a specific period of time, permission may be given at the discretion of the sysop/moderator in chat.  Spamfests are to last no more than ten minutes at a time, and users who continue to spam even after the spamfest has concluded may be kicked or banned from the chatroom (once again, at the discretion of the moderator/sysop in chat at the time).
  2. Spam is not to interrupt an important ongoing discussion.
  3. If this privilege is abused, spamming will be permanently forbidden.


There will be a set amount of time a user with rights can be absent. This is to ensure that rights are not wasted, and active users that deserve them can get them. Times will be different for each type of right, depending on the importance of said right. The limits are listed below:

  • Bureaucrat- A maximum of two weeks, without excuse. This is because the most important position on this wiki cannot go to users who are inactive for so long.
  • Administrator- A maximum of two and a half weeks. This position is also very important, and we cannot have inactive Administrators on this wiki, as they are vital. It is only a tad bit longer because it is the second most important position.
  • Rollback- A maximum of three weeks. Rollbacks, while important, are not as important. If a rollback is absent, admins and bureaucrats can preform there jobs for them. However, we do not tolerate inactive users with rights. This is why the limit for rollbacks is three weeks.
  • Chat Moderators- A maximum of three weeks. We do not like inactive users with rights, especially ones who just gained them. This is why there is a limit as well, to make room for chat moderators who will actually be active.

If a user with any of these rights go pass this limit, they will be demoted to the right below. Bureaucrat to Administrator, for example. We will see how active you are if you return, to determine if you can have said rights back.


The administration of TC Wikia knows things happen. We know life happens. If you know you will be absent beyond these limits, please alert us. This way, you will not be demoted. Examples of valid excuses are:

  • Death in the family- We know this is tough. Take all the time you need
  • Vacation- We know vacations are fun! Enjoy yourself, and don't worry about demotions!!!!!
  • Big School test taking up time- We will not keep you away from passing a class. Take all the time you need, and ace that exam.
  • Serious injury- Take all the time you want. We hope you get better soon.
  • Need a break- Felling stressed? Tell us, and you can take time off.
  • Illness- Not felling well? Don't worry about demotions, and we hope you get well soon.

We will determine what is valid or not. We can add more in the future. This is subject to change.

Users with Excuses:

  • None


A demotion occurs when a user with rights gets those rights taken away, either to a lower position or no rights at all. 

A demotion is to only take place when:

  • A staff member breaks one of our majors policies repeatedly
  • The majority of the community supports it
  • If the staff member is found corrupt
  • If they choose to demote themselves.

Brickcraft1, President

Sassmaster15, Former Vice President